Industrial Services



KMPL is involved in identification of value added industrial Projects commensurate with specific customer requirements and   providing complete support / liaison / co-ordination services to ensure successful implementation. The Company has  developed a unique data bank of numerous various viable Projects encompassing the entire gamut of industrial applications in the form of pre-investment studies which can be made available to interested entrepreneurs at competitive prices, KMPL is also fully geared up to carry out pre-investments studies for specific Projects contemplated by enterprising clients and making available its bankable support / liaison / co-ordination services.

Range of industrial services include :

Full range of Project documentation including the following key documents required for statutory approvals are prepared on bankable basis :

  • •   Information Memorandum
  • •   Project Design Concept
  • •   Environmental Information Report
  • •   Marketing Studies
  • •   Feasibility Report

Liaison and co-ordination work is carried out by experienced KMPL personnel.

KMPL also devices Project implementation strategies in-sync with customer expectations and targets :



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